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If you live in South Florida or on the West Coast of Florida, Water Boy Water Delivery is your local water delivery company. Water Boy offers spring, filtered, and distilled water in a number of convenient packages. From single serve bottles by the case to 3 and 5 gallon bottles and water coolers, Water Boy offers great Florida bottled water.

Why are local bottled water companies better than national or international brands?

Most bottled water companies are owned by large national and international companies. Water Boy is one of the few locally owned and operated bottled water companies in the country. Why does it matter? While some businesses lend themselves to being run and managed by a larger parent company, bottled water delivery isn't one of them. Ask anyone who has had service from one of the national/international companies in the past!

It's one thing to delivery water to a grocery store or 7-11, but it's an altogether different thing to deliver 3 & 5 gallon jugs to someone's home or office. Home and office bottled water delivery service benefits from local knowledge of an area. Certainly national/international companies can pull it off, but because there's a large disconnect between the owners of the company and the people actually delivering the water, service often suffers. And when you have a problem, you will likely have to deal with call center employees.

If you have a service issue with a locally owned company, you almost always get a live person on the phone and often it's someone with true ownership interest in the company. This means that they are way more likely to try and quickly resolve your issue and get you back on track and happy!

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